Junior Gomes

Lost 6% of Body Fat
Hometown:Sao Paulo
Starting Weight:79
Current Weight:72
Current Waist Size:31


At the begging of this year I was 79kgs and had 19% of body fat. I contacted Yan and decided to start a 12 weeks program, which has been giving me a great result. I dropped my weight from 79kgs to 72kgs and my body fat from 19% to incredible 13%. The whole package has lot of important information such as nutrition, supplementation and training itself.

Yan has a huge experience and he’s extremely patient to transmit his knowledge. He has been answering my questions always in a short period of time, also he has been helping me to define the best strategy to reach my goals and the results are coming quicker than I expected. I’d suggest his services to everybody who wants to change it’s body and become healthier.