Renato Gentil

Lost 9% of Body Fat and Gained lean mass
Name:Renato Gentil
Occupation:Cloud Support
Hometown:Sao Paulo
Starting Weight:85
Current Weight:79
Current Waist Size:32


Yan is simply one of the best instructors I’ve ever met. He has a thorough knowledge of the subject and is always willing to help in accordance with his goal. He made great food plans combined with training so I had the expected result.

One thing that strikes me a lot in this professional is the willingness he has to always help and answer all the questions, no matter what time you ask him, send a message or make a call, Yan will always be willing to help with and take all your doubts, giving real examples and making you understand why he asked you to follow such training or specific diet.

Other than that, he always has a high regard that makes you want to go to gym train and stay monster !! I have just thanked all the work and help with the Yan has given me during these training periods.